Yareel review


Yareel is where you’ll find “Yareel,” the game I’ll be going over. You’ll need to use Unity’s web player to make this game work, but that’s not a big deal. It’s easy to install and get it working. Yareel’s site brings in right around 300k visitors every month. For this site, that metric isn’t an exact science. It’s a downloadable game, so that number doesn’t factor in the horny fucks who already downloaded this game. And the site itself has been around since 2013, but, again, the game may have been hosted elsewhere prior to that. At the time of playing, the site showed that around 400 players were currently online. Not a huge number, but definitely enough to get down with some sexy roleplay.

Once you download the game, you launch it like you would any other game on your computer. Login or sign up from there. Signing up is easy. You give yourself a username, pick your gender, and put down what your sexual orientation is. Easy. Next, you fill out this form for what kind of sexy shit you’re trying to get down with. You’ve got your more vanilla options like slow and sensual sex, hard and fast fucking, mutual masturbating; then you have more kinky shit like pegging, latex clothes, bondage, and exhibitionism. I picked everything to get the most options out of the game, but you can choose as little or as many of the options as you like.

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