MySexGames review


MySexGames was registered way back in 2005, and it fucking shows. The logo, layout, and color scheme are an ugly blast from the past. It’s a good thing the games look interesting or I’d be out of here.

The site features the traditional grid of thumbnails you see on most porn sites. Instead of leading to HD gangbang scenes and amateur blowjob videos, though, all the links go to different sex-themed video games.

Different styles of art are featured in the thumbnails, with varying degrees of realism. Hentai fans rejoice--the anime style of big-breasted, big-eyed bitches is well represented. I also see one that looks like it could be an XXX-rated Family Guy parody, and a couple MS Paint monstrosities. If cartoons don’t do it for you, I see a couple with live girls.

I also see live girls on this spam that made it past my ad-blocker. You know, for a site with a decade-old look, this is some futuristic advertising. Girls wearing nothing or next to nothing dance in the corner of the screen, one after another.

Ads are always changing, so it might be different when you look, but holy shit, this is insidious. I’m supposed to be trying out these games, but I keep watching the girls gyrate and take off their clothes. I find myself waiting for the soapy broad washing the screen like a car, and the gal in the Harley Quinn getup grinding a baseball bat against her clit.

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