FAP Nation review

FAP Nation

FAP Nation hits on every single one of these genres and more. Fap Nation is a massive hub of drawn porn. Western comics, hentai, SFM, all sorts of games, and even siterips. It’s one of those sites that makes others useless. And they are bringing in over 7 million views every month. That’s made even more impressive considering that they’ve only been around since 2017. In two short years, they have fucking exploded in growth. At first glance, it looks like they have a ton of content, but you never know. Let’s dive in and check it out.

The homepage has a dark purple theme that makes it great for night viewing. A slideshow banner up top runs through what I assume are some of their more popular games. It doesn’t really say. A header up top lets you jump around from “Games, Comics, Tools, Requests, and Support.” All of the previews run down the middle of the site with “Latest Games” up top followed by “Latest Comics and Artwork.” It’s a simple layout that I can get behind, though I’d like it, even more, to get behind some of the sluts in these previews, damn.

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