Cunt Wars review

Cunt Wars

Cunt Wars

Win battles and make your sexy girls stronger

Cunt Wars is also named Chick Wars. It is an online game made by Hooligapps. It’s a card-based strategy game with naked girls. I love the extravagant name of this game. It sounds really cool. I know that most of the porn games are boring and don’t give you a chance to see boobs and pussies. You should perform boring tasks for hours to see a bikini girl in the end. I hate it, too. But Cunt Wars is a different game. Let me describe it. In my opinion, such online game deserves your attention.

Cunt Wars can be played in your web browser. Everything works perfectly. You don’t need to download some software and install it on your PC. If you want to close the game when someone enters your room, just close the browser tab. It is very quick and doesn’t leave a residue on your hardware. All your progress is synchronized through your email. So you can continue the game even on another device. I’m talking about not PCs only. Cunt Wars has a wonderful mobile version. You will not find it on Google Play or IOs Store but you can visit the official site and download it. The mobile version looks really well. The gaming process is the same as in your browser. Of course, your progress gets synchronized all the time. The game spends a lot of your smartphone battery but it isn’t a big deal. I don’t think it’s a good idea to play Cunt Wars in public. People will notice big hentai boobs on your display and consider you as a pervert. I advise to do it at home in a comfortable environment. So you can charge your phone being at home.

Cunt Wars has a straightforward game concept. It’s a fantasy RPG. You are playing for the dude named Adam. He is going through erotic hell and defeats demon lords. During the game, you are collecting bitches, having sex, and gaining powers. Doesn’t it sound simple and exciting? Sometimes you will unlock new characters that will turn the story in another way but the main focus of the game will not change. The animation of the game is fantastic! So many scenes, cards, and monsters will not leave you bored. Bright colors and sexy characters will turn you on during the game. You will be surrounded by demon bitches so you need some crazy cards to win. I really like the instruments that you get during the game. Perform bondage, oral, anal, squirting, lactation, feet, and other fetish actions to win and go to the next level. You will meet a lot of kinky stuff during the game. When you lose a fight, your girls get tied up and humiliated. All the time you will see different graphics and it looks awesome.

If you have experience in card-based strategy games, you will start playing Cunt Wars at ease without any tutorials. You have a lot of options and strategies. Tons of various cards of demons, angels, and brilliant chicks can be collected in sets and used during the fights. All such things like splash damage, piercing damage, summoning, double attacks, shields, and others are presented in this game. Of course, you get experience, gems, and coins for each fight. Make your team of sexy bitches stronger and fight new enemies.

Gained coins can be spent on bitches or some items in the shop. All gems that you get are premium currency. It is helpful to become a VIP player. Buy exclusive booster packs with it and kill all the demons faster and easier. Earn these gems to save real money. When you get VIP status, you earn more gems, get more lives, do more raids, and some other benefits. When upgrading your girls, they become stronger and sexier. You can leave them without clothes and see how their boobs are bouncing during the battle. Complete the quests and unlock sexy pictures of your characters. Watch hot scenarios of this game and get horny. Even if you are not a big fan of cartoon pussies, Cunt Wars is able to turn you on. Complete all quests and get to the Leagues. It is the most interesting part of the game. You can have raids alone or with friends online. Try your powers in the battles where you can get more gems, coins, and experience. Players team up so you should be a team player, too. When you are alone, you have no chance to win.

The card building system of the game is absolutely amazing. I love the humor of developers. They really know how to turn player on. They don’t leave you a chance of getting bored. It contains tons of content that will entertain you a lot. Sometimes the game gets complicated, other time it is able to make you horny. Amazing characters, sex adventures, and RPG elements are awesome. You can enjoy the game without spending a penny. Cunt Wars deserves your attention.

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