Fap Titans review

Fap Titans

Fap Titans

FapTitans would be classified as a clicker or incremental game. If you’ve played them before, you already know what I’m talking about. The gameplay is what you’d expect from the genre, plus boobs. If you’re new to this, no worries. Let me break it down.

A clicker is a very simple game that begins with, you guessed it, clicking. You click a bunch of times and the game offers some reward. It might tell you your bakery made a bunch of cookies, or you blew up a bunch of spaceships. In FapTitans, you slaughter a bunch of monsters and anime sluts who pose no apparent threat.

After the first level or two of clicking, the incremental part kicks in. You can use your earnings to purchase incrementally stronger surrogate clickers who do the clicking for you. In FapTitans, these clickers are big-breasted hentai chicks.

The whole point of any clicker or incremental game is to buy as many clickers as you can afford, so you rack up points as quickly as possible. There’s no upper limit, so in FapTitans or any other clicker/incremental, you’re just going to chase higher numbers forever.

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