MNF Club Game review

MNF Club Game

MNF Club Game

When I am horny, I am horny … Do you know what I mean? I don’t necessarily want to have to run around, save damsels in distress, or complete a bunch of gay ass missions in order to see some sexy bitches. That’s what Super Mario is for. I mean, let’s be honest, who among us would not fuck Princess Peach if given the opportunity? Or maybe she’s a little too thick for you? She for sure has a booty under that dress.

And you just know Mario laid the pipe down for her. Maybe he even let Luigi watch. Luigi is definitely into voyeurism. How do I know? Just look at him. Plus, he’s always in the background anyway, just jerking off to the princess in Mario’s shadow. If it hasn’t been done yet, someone should definitely make a live-action porn spoof of Super Mario Brothers. Oh, who am I kidding, we’re living in the golden age of porn … of course it’s already been done!

And since we are living in the golden age of porn, one of the many perks is that there are hundreds of porn video games to choose from. Some of these games rely more heavily on the gaming aspect and less on the porn, others are the other way around and provide players with a very thinly veiled excuse to basically just look at cartoon porn (as if you basement-dwelling, regressive cartoon porn addicts ever needed an excuse to begin with!).

Furthermore, given how many porn games there are out there, it goes without saying that some are much, much better than others. As is the case with any kind of porn. As is the case with any kind of game. So, naturally, this would be the case with porn games as well.

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