Tsumino review


Tsumino is a small but growing website dedicated to providing tons of Doujin and Doujinshi from over three thousand different artists. They have been steadily climbing in page visits and users since their start in early 2015. And if you’re not familiar with Doujin or Doujinshi then sit down and let me give you a short lesson. Doujin usually refers to collaborative works, but the term is often used to talk about lewd manga. The difference between Doujin and Doujinshi is that Doujinshi is the term for the same kinds of lewd work but done by amateurs instead of professionally paid artists.

Tsumino. Seems like an odd name for a site, right? Like Sumo? What the fuck does it mean? Luckily for you, your boy here speaks a bit of Japanese. I mean, I’ve read enough Doujin and seen enough Hentai to pick some of the important stuff up. You know, things like “brother, sister, slave, I’m cumming” those kinds of things

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