Hentai2Read review


Hentai2Read is just the site you’ve been looking for. Or, hell, maybe you already know about this giant of a site. They bring in over 23 million of you sex-starved weebs every single month, so I wouldn't be surprised if you’ve heard the name thrown around. As you can probably tell by the name, it’s a site all about doujinshi/hentai manga. You can expect a wide selection of content from these guys, especially since they’ve been around collecting hot content since 2011. Oh, and if videos are more your speed, then check out their other site called

The site design reminds me of something you’d see on Discord. It’s not a straight copy or anything, but it’s definitely pretty similar. I mean that it a good way. It’s sleek and easy to look at like an oiled up cumslut. They have themes you can toggle to make the site look however you want. Plus, it automatically starts up with the dark theme enabled. Fucking finally. It just makes sense to have the dark theme on a site that requires you to stare at the screen for hours on end. I wish other sites would hurry up and get the same memo.

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