nHentai review



Just like the substance of the content, there’s loads of variety when it comes to artistic style. While they’re all of excellent quality, you’ll find erotic manga panels all just in black-and-white or stuff in full color.

Some of these artists put a lot of effort and detail into each panel. Seriously, check the site out. I’ve picked up more detail on some of these animated girls than in some live footage of real women on camera.

Yeah, nHentai has a lot of categories, but I’m not sure what to make of some of the content uploaded. By that, I mean, there is some highly specific and weird shit – and I don’t mean run-of-the-mill vomit porn or guys kissing mannequins. Oh no, there’s far more bizarre stuff than that. For example, you’ve got girls branded with barcodes, a section for amputees, pregnant ladies sucking on pacifiers, and tons of tentacle fucking. Got a fetish for body swapping? Then you’re in luck.

There’s even an entire tag with over two thousand entries for inverted nipples. I also saw one page tagged “multiple vaginas.” No bullshit, check it out with a quick search.

Oh yeah, and there are over twenty-seven thousand entries tagged rape. I'm not sure whether to wank it to some of this shit or send it to a team of psychologists and sociologists. They can figure out the psych profile of the artists who drew this stuff and the people who wank to this. I'm kidding…well, kind of.

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