HentaiFox review



Not all hentai, though, is quite as extreme as that. In fact, it would be insanely difficult to narrow the entire genre of hentai porn down to any one type of prevailing image. The very nature of hentai is that it is broad. It all depends on the artist and whatever they feel the inspiration to draw. And what fans feel the inspiration to parody, or pay homage to.

Some of it looks like it’s straight out of a comic book (complete with panels and dialogue boxes, etc.), some of it is black and white, there are impressive portraits of girls mid-orgasm, and some of it features extremely detailed close-ups of impossibly hard cocks fucking impossibly tight pussies, with an impossible amount of lady cum gushing out and dripping every which way.

That is one sure thing that hentai has going for it that no other type of porn can come close to emulating: impossible fantasies can be lived out. Literally, anything that the mind can think up can be drawn up or animated. Some artists, I’ve heard, have even taken to taking requests from fans. Hentai is a highly active community, possibly more so than any other porn sub-genre out there. In addition to the staggering numbers of popular hentai artists and series that exist, there are also countless numbers of amateur and fan artists who emulate their favorites.

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