MioHentai review



Mio Hentai! If you value yourself a true connoisseur of the arts who loves to jack off every now and then or even on a daily basis then you’re definitely someone who can appreciate one of the lewdest forms of animation: Japanese hentai. Hentai is as most of you know and X-rated version of Japanese animation, also known as ‘Anime’. Anime was relatively unknown to the western world prior to the late 90s when shows like Pokemon, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, and other mainstream classics broke through the language barrier and won the hearts of many kids throughout the Western world – so much so that most of these shows are still going strong thanks to their multi-million dollar franchises.

Anyhow, since these shows carry more adult themes with them than classic Western cartoons, it made the kids who watch them take them and themselves very seriously, a lot of hardcore fans became annoying ‘weeaboos’ who are obsessed with Japanese culture, but there’s one thing from Japanese animation that would impact Western society like nothing has before: Hentai. Hentai comes in many shapes and forms, and there’s something about it that can get even the most casual porn fan at the least bit curious – that’s how they get you, one minute you’re wondering what this weird Japanese cartoon with overly-sexualized schoolgirls is about, then suddenly you find yourself in a deep masturbation session to animated tentacle porn. Hentai has definitely become a cult classic within the porn industry, and websites like Mio Hentai definitely help keep it buzzing.

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