HentaiPlay review



Well, the homepage is filled with all kinds of hentai stories, and keep in mind that these animations usually have series of a couple of episodes. So if you find a hentai you like, there is a high chance that it will have a couple of episodes after that. However, if you are easily offended or are a bitch who thinks showing women their place is sexist, then you are wrong and go make me a sandwich instead.

I mean, hentai covers shit such as lolicon, rape, monsters and a lot of other fucked up crap as well, and I think that is what makes it so great. A lot of this shit is not possible in real life, or you would be sent to jail, but there is nothing wrong with watching the animated version of your weirdest and most fucked up fantasy right?

I will just say that if you do not know what some of these terms mean, I suggest that you explore a bit before randomly opening a clip, because if you are not used to the shit hentai offers you will get surprised, no doubt it. Now, if you are already a huge fan, you should open their ‘Hentai Index’ tab where all of their series will be listed alphabetically.

There is even a bunch of tags listed in the right corner, in case there is something special you were looking for. Honestly, with so many different anime series presented, I am sure you will get lost easily, so I do suggest you use the tags to search for the shit that makes your cock rock solid.

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