HentaiFreak review



Hentai Freak is a website made by a small team of avid fans who loved the concept of ‘HentaiHaven’ (arguably the most widespread Japanese XXX animation website) so much that they decided to make their own domain. At first they didn’t have enough resources to upload works that would be exclusive to their site, so they went ahead and ripped all the videos on Hentai Haven and began functioning as a semi-popular Hentai domain. After some time, they started uploading titles and works which you can’t find on any other site save for torrents, and that’s how they started gaining traction as one of the most infamous Hentai-dedicated websites on the internet.

As of now, their mission statement is to become one of the largest Hentai-dedicated websites online by having content that can only be viewed from their site, as well as uploading works and titles that are obscure and hard to find anywhere else. If you can’t get it up for real girls and are into XXX Japanese animation then I think this site will definitely come in ‘handy’ for you.

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