Xsanp69 review


Xsanp69 is new as fuck but popular as hell. They popped up out of nowhere just about a month ago, but already get thousands of visitors every day. They say you shouldn’t jump off a bridge just because all your friends are, but what if thousands of them are shaking their dicks at the same website? I know what I’d do, and I’m about to do it right now

At first, I thought Xsanp69 was just another free tube packed with the same selection of premium lesbian samples, homebrew cuckold scenes and pirated paysite movies that have been copied so many times the buttfucking is all blurry. When I didn’t see the same selection of big-name pornstars, I suspected I might be fapping to a new amateur site. The site’s got a lot of amateurs, sure, but this ain’t the same content you’d find on sites like HomeMoviesTube or the Amateur section of PornHub.

I realized what I was looking at when I started looking at the movie titles. These are the naked, horny beauties of sites like OnlyFans, Instagram, and Patreon. They’ve got gamer sluts famous on sites like Twitch, YouTube girls, and all your favorite social media attention whores, not to mention the real whores.

Overall, these girls are a few steps up on the hotness ladder from your typical old ladies on your standard amateur porn site. A lot of these girls do cam shows on the side, and a ton of them are sexy enough to make their living hawking homemade dirty movies. You don’t get Internet-famous if you’re ugly, you know, and a lot of these girls have used their beauty to gain their 15 minutes in the Internet era.

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