Snapleaks review



That’s why I was ready to blow my load in my pants instantaneously when I came across The notion that there is a subreddit devoted totally to leaked Snapchats was enough to make me want to subscribe and save the subreddit to my bookmarks folder. However, the name of the subreddit is quite misleading. If you think you’re going to see leaked Snapchats of any kind, I have bad news for you…

This isn’t a subreddit for leaks the moment you read the rules on the sidebar. Rule #4 states that content cannot be posted without the original person’s permission. So why the fuck is this place called! If leaking Snaps is against the rules, it goes against the very meaning of the subreddit’s name!

Look, the ol’ ThePornDude cannot blame for banning any Snapchat leaks to the subreddit. That would likely get the subreddit banned extremely fucking fast, and it would cause an uproar that would see people doxed with the fury of 10,000 otters biting your ankles simultaneously. It wouldn’t be pretty, but it still does not change the fact that this makes the subreddit feel like a lie.

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