XYZComics review



Want to read some adult comix at XYZ Comics? I am sure many people would find dirty comics a weird form of fapping material, but honestly, aren’t comics like an upgraded version of what people used to masturbate to in the past? We all remember the fuck magazines that were sold, and If you do not remember those, you must be hella young. Well, I am here to introduce a great site called

There is a simple reason why people love to read dirty comics, and it is similar to the reason why we still love to browse the Playboy sluts. Well, if you are interested in some naughty stories with very descriptive images, then you have found the right place for yourself. is filled with the dirtiest comics, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

You should already know that I do not like to waste my time with sites that are not at all worth the visit, and if I actually come across a site like that, I will make sure you know. This place, however, is definitely worth all the attention it is getting because they have a collection of the hottest comics I have seen so far.

The homepage of this site is quite addictive if you ask me… they offer a lot of random shit, and that definitely got my attention. Now, this is the proper way of making a homepage, because you need to get your audience interested from the very start. If you are not able to do that, the chances are that your traffic overall will be quite low.

With that said I have to mention that their design and that shit, is not the best. It looks like they did not even try to make their site look presentable because it literally resembles a site that could have been made in half an hour… I did not expect anything top-notch from a free site, but a little effort here and there would not hurt.

At least, their content is on point, and I know that is why the fuck you lads are here. Well, all the comics here are free and quite fucking hot. You have a bunch of different comic styles, and those who are fans of such shit will know what the fuck I am talking about. Personally, I prefer to read the hentai manga, because Japanese artists really know how to capture that raw sexuality with the sluts they draw.

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