Erofus review



This leaves them wanting content that can fulfill everything else besides the physical factor – I’m talking big-budget, ‘realistic’ HD-shot pornography with glaring 4K scenes which come close to the ‘real thing’. Now this may be fine and dandy if you’re a regular porn viewer who doesn’t give a fuck, but there’s another way to get the most out of pornography if you’re serious about it, and it involves using a little intelligence and imagination so that you won’t amount to a brain-dead loser who jerks off to HD porn all day long – Comics.

Not all people need overly-stimulating HD videos to have a great time while watching porn. In fact, it wouldn’t be false to say that people who lack imagination and by extension intellect need the most stimulation when consuming any form of entertainment, not just porn. If you can’t use a little imagination to help keep your hard-on then you’re gonna have to rely on ‘super real’ porn like HD POV porn and VR to help keep your dick hard and your brain aroused while jacking it, despite this meaning that you’ll probably never be able to get a hard-on for an actual girl again.

If you value yourself as a true creative intellect with a large capacity for vivid imagination, then you probably won’t need all that big-budget HD shit to help keep you horny while you wack off – a well-written and nicely-drawn sex comic can work just as well or even better for your fapping experience as opposed to HD POV porn videos, and you’ll be using much more brainpower to keep you horny, so you can consider XXX comics as brain-food for serial masturbators. This is why, one of the biggest collections of XXX comics on the internet, can be considered the intellectual’s porno site of choice.

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