MultPorn review



Mult Porn may only be a little over a year old, but they are going strong at over 400 thousand unique visitors to their site every single day. This niche is growing fast, and Multporn is nailing it, especially for such a relatively new website in the genre. Don’t ask me what Multporn means. I don’t fucking know. Multiple porn? Multi porn? Whatever. I don’t ask every slut I take home why they spell “Chastitee” with two E’s before I fuck them. It doesn’t matter.

This site has everything hentai that you could wish for. You can get lost for hours delving into the numerous webcomics here, and they don’t just give you samples like many other sketchier hentai sites. You get the full deal. Every single comic in the series is kept up to date and completely free to read. Even Zone hentai is entirely free to view here, and if you’re going to Mult Porn, I’m sure you know that Zone is the best of the best.

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