HypnoTube review



The standards for masculinity are quite fucked up in these videos, seeing as hypermasculinity isn't exactly a thing here. "Gross" men are seen as men who are more masculine in here quite often even though they're not even strong, or muscular or anything. They're just fat and hairy. It sucks how people sometimes want to equate looking ugly and looking masculine, but oh well, it is what it is. Can't tell these people what the fuck they're going to get hard for, right? It's weird, but that's just how it is, and there ain't much we can do about it.

Then again, should we even want to do something about it? Obviously not, let these men live life the way they want to do it! Now, the HypnoTube is pretty fucking weird if you ask me because apparently, there are multiple types of (sissy) hypnosis. They come in all shapes and sizes, and in many formats. First off, there are obviously videos with tons of catchy songs and all that where fanboys and traps get their holes stuffed with large dicks, dildoes and stuff like that.

However, there are also tons of gifs where trans chicks get their holes stuffed, then there are videos that are all about sucking dick, videos that are all about taking dick from other men, and there are videos that are all about eating up cum. Hell, there are even loads of audio recordings, too. Not only that, but there are also videos about feminization where these guys would end up getting dressed in girl clothes. Sometimes they are even forced to change their behavior to act more feminine. Well, we'll talk about the various "genres" of hypnosis on Hypnotube a bit later when we talk about the categories.

They're fun. Raceplay is sometimes a big element in these videos as well. Men of other races are often portrayed as more masculine when compared to men of your own race. This can actually seem to be quite depressing if you're a hetero male that belongs to the race that is being "sissified," but hey, if you're absolutely hetero, you wouldn't still be reading this review, right? Well, some of you might be curious...if so, keep going, I promise that you're going to love every single bit of

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