FemeFun review



The site with everything your twisted mind could possibly desire is called And if you ever thought you were alone in these desires, worry no more. Feme Fun brings in over 5million fucked up people like you every single month. That’s a damn good number for a site as dark as this one. This shit isn’t new either. They’ve been around since as early as 2010 pumping out the best fetish porn out there.

Good Site Design Proudly Displays Everything from Gangbangs to Bestiality

But let’s get right into this shit, shall we? The layout is fine enough. It’s a bright white background with black boxes. Nothing special really. I’d rather it be a bit darker. I don’t want everyone in the world to see my bright ass screen while I’m watching some busty chick suck off a horse. Yeah, a fucking horse. The front page is sorted by videos that are being watched now, and fuck I’ve never seen so much bestiality. I know a lot of you fucks out there like this stuff, but the closest I’ve gotten to the thought is that one-night stand telling me I was hung like a horse. I will admit that there is something sickly fascinating about it, but if you’re seeking this kind of content then here you go.

Below that you’ll get the recently added videos and you can keep on loading more and more if you just want to scroll the front page. If those aren’t suiting your tastes then you can sort by latest, views, or top-rated. They also have a video tab that is pretty much the exact same as the home page. They both have the same videos and sort options, so I don’t know what the fuck that is all about. The first tab on the site though is one that links over to the best site on the internet: Good on you for knowing what’s up femefun!

But I know that those front pages won’t do it. You wouldn’t come to this back-alley fetish site if you didn’t have very specific tastes.

You don’t fuck around when it comes to your porn. Don’t worry, neither does this site. Head over to their categories page and start exploring to your heart's content. You can sort the categories by rating, A-Z, views, or whichever ones have the most videos. “Wife” is the one with the most, quickly followed by “Bestiality.” But they have a fuck ton of everything here. From the tame shit to the very, very untame. There’s slave play, intense gangbangs, fake rape, torture, pain, and every other depraved fetish.

If you want to narrow your search even further, then you can check out their page full of video tags. There are thousands. Looking for “Sister Shaves Pussy, Horse Cumming in Girls Pussy, Human Urinal, or Drinking Cum from Glass?” Well, they’ve got all of that weird shit and so, so much more. Seriously, even I’m surprised at how much fetish porn this site has.

That’s all of the menus on the site. It’s simple and gets to the fucking point. I like that. So, let me get to my point then and talk about the videos. First off, the previews are great. You get a short-animated preview of the video before you click on it. You know just what you’re getting into, which is especially important on this site. The thumbnail might look like just a chick masturbating solo, but when you hover your cursor, she’s getting penetrated by a fucking dog!

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