YouJizz review



One final thing to consider when putting Youjizz up against other similar tube sites: ads. And Youjizz definitely has them. First, there’s a pop-up ad that occurs on your first click on the site (so fucking annoying). There are also ads to the right of and at the bottom of video pages, as well as at the bottom of the home page. As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, Youjizz also plays ads before videos start; ads even appear when you pause the videos.

This, for me, is an unacceptable number of ads. As you can see, I don’t advertise at all here at, and I get by just fine. An adult website should exist to provide the user with an enjoyable, pleasurable, and easy experience, not to try and fucking sell him shit.

I’m not an unreasonable person or anything. I am willing to look the other way for a few tastefully placed ads here and there, so long as they are out of the way and not interrupting my enjoyment of the website. But if you make me wait to watch a video, open a new page on my browser, or try to fucking trick me, I’m just not fucking having that. This is unacceptable.

But, unfortunately, this is just par for the course with so many porn sites. I wish more sites would step their game up and veer away from this kind of shit, but whatcha gonna do? All in all, ads aside, I think Youjizz is a pretty solid tube site with great content and an easy to navigate design. Although I’m probably not going to fap to it right now because I’m pissed about the ads, I will probably come back and give it a shot…a cumshot, that is. Happy fapping, degenerates!

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