XXXFiles review


XXXFiles is a domain that must be Internet gold, though the free tube currently residing there only appeared at the end of 2019. The domain was registered decades before that, back when the X-Files was still running. I wonder how many of their 10 million monthly visitors were hoping to see Scully get boned when they typed the site’s name into the URL bar.

I doubt this site has blown up so fast just because of horny nerds nostalgic for a ‘90s sci-fi show. They went from zero to ten million over the course of a month, which tells me they probably have some really good porno on their hands. Free porn ain’t a hard thing to find these days, so I’m hoping they’ve got something really special.

It doesn’t look too different than your typical porn tube. There’s a really basic-ass logo followed by the traditional wall of porn. Some sites have a section that shows you what’s popular where you live, but XXXFiles gives me Trending Videos in the Czech Republic at the top. I’m not going to complain too much, because it looks like those Eastern Europeans have good taste.

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