Motherless review



The first thing you’ll notice is the logo with the boy holding his mother's hand and the emo teenage girl sitting depressed in her swing at the top right. She reminds me of that creepy girl from The Ring, but for some reason, my dick is all stiff. I hope I don’t get a phone call in 5 minutes, telling me the little guy is going to go forever-limp in 7 days. I haven’t even started fapping to the site yet!

Motherless recently had a design upgrade, though its wall-of-thumbnails layout looks pretty standard for a modern porn tube. There’s a message at the top calling me out for using AdBlock and asking me to disable it or buy a Premium Membership. Well, why have spam in the first place? Am I the only genius that realizes that people hate ads? Where do you see an advertisement on ThePornDude? That’s right: nowhere!

With a spam blocker running, it ain’t as bad as it used to be. I didn’t get any pop-ups, but plenty of animated sidebar ads appeared on every video page. If you weren’t sure where to get boner pills before, you’ll certainly have a dozen opportunities at every turn here. The good news is the ads disappear with your sense of cleanliness when you watch those teen whores and piss movies full-screen.

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