RedTube review



Red Tube is based in Texas and has servers on both North American coasts.

Phew, I know what I’m up for after that history lesson, some proper quality porn! (often misspelled as "Redube", "RedRube", "Red Porn", "RedTude", "Redtibe", "Reftube", "Redtuve", "Redtub" or "RedTubr") has got my back on this as they show some of the finest porn videos in the industry. Not only are these videos some of the best, but there’s also a whole shitload of them. And when I say that you better be sure I’m not joking. Millions upon millions of free porn videos are right there at your fingertips. All you have to do is visit the website and start watching, and you won’t have to stop until you’re completely satisfied, or you fall down in exhaustion.

So, what can you expect from RedTube other than amazing content? Well, there’s the high-quality design, which has always been a perfect example of a porn site done right. Honestly, other porn sites should look at for guidelines. No stupid home button, instead delegate that to your logo. A very clean color palette, and a slick modern design with minimal details and everything in its proper place. The only gripe that I have with it is the sort of slow response time from the Category tab which needs a second to dropdown.

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