vPorn review



The site layout is nice. You can swap between a dark or light theme for the site and there are tabs up top for pornstars and tags. Interestingly enough, if you turn AdBlock off two more tabs appear for porn games and live sex. Those are definitely ads though. They take you to separate sites with that content, but it’s definitely not I see you. Trying to trick us into going offsite with your hidden ads. Not cool vporn, not cool at all. The other two tabs for pornstars and tags are legit though. The pornstars' tab is pretty nice. It has pics of every model and when you click on their picture it tells you more about the model as well as shows all the videos that model is in. Did you know Riley Reid was a Cancer? Now you do.

We need to talk about the ads. They kind of suck. No, it’s nothing that was a deal-breaker, but they were more annoying than those constant texts from my clingy ex. Fuck off, Samantha. We were together two months, not 10 years. Christ. Anyway, there are some discreet banner ads, some little ads on or before videos, but the worst ones are the pop-ups. On mobile and desktop, you get these malware looking ads that try and make you download a fix for your computer or device. I even had one vibrate my phone that was difficult to close.

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