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See, talking about sex can be fun without having to be just fapping to flicks of fucking all day long. Maybe it’s about time you gave your dick a well-deserved break and stimulated your mind for a change – you know, that other place that your blood is supposed to be flowing when it’s not constantly being rerouted to your dick because you are trying to fill a void in yourself with constant streams of porn. If you keep making yourself feel good all the time, how could you ever feel sad! That’s the spirit, ol’ sport …

If you are down for something a little more mentally satisfying, however, I have just the site for you. Allow me to introduce you to Your first question, I’m sure, is probably, ‘hey, Porn Dude, what the fuck does SDC stand for anyway?’ Well, thank you for asking! That’s exactly what I was about to get to. SDC stands for Seek, Discover, Create. Or, to flesh that out a bit, as their motto goes: “Seek yourself, discover together, and create moments.” Now, you may or may not be thinking to yourself, ‘well, fuck, that sounds pretty gay.’ And if you are thinking that then this site is probably not going to be for you. And you probably are one of those people I was talking about earlier who doesn’t read anything outside of porn site reviews. And you should probably strongly consider tripping on acid or eating some mushrooms someday. Or drink some ayahuasca or go on a silent meditation retreat to Tibet or something, I don’t fucking know, just do something to expand your god damned mind a little!

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