RawPorn review


RawPorn is a massive pornography-sharing forum that’s been kicking since 2012, a fact reflected in over a million threads and 32 million messages stretching back to the site’s inception. I bet your mom told you not to discuss your fap habits in public, but anybody can sign up for a free account to join the deviates posting their favorite spank fodder and dream girls.

Internet forums are rarely flashy. You often can’t guess their age just by looking at that front page design, since the discussion board format really hasn’t changed all that much in the decades since the Internet crept its slippery, sticky, cum-covered tendrils into our homes. I wonder how many, if any, updates to the layout these guys have implemented over the years. It probably doesn’t matter much, because the only crucial thing is quick access to millions of discussions about all kinds of porno.

The front page of Raw Porn breaks down the forum into broad categories, and then further into subcategories. It’s a fairly simple categorization, but it’s just about right. Too few sub-boards and everything would be a fucking jumbled mess; too many, and you’d never know where to look to find the Latina blowjob flicks. (I’d dig into the 400K+ messages in the Ethnic Porn Videos and Movies board.)

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