Trans500 review



And the shemale porn site I have for you this time is called Kind of like fortune 500 or some shit. I think that It’s called that to emphasize the premium nature of the site. The price isn’t too terribly expensive, but we’ll see if we get enough content here to warrant the premium price. This site has been around for a while, but their numbers are still on the upswing. They have a respectable 2ish million views every month and they have been around since 2012. Not bad numbers at all for such a niche site, but I say up and coming because trans porn sites like this have been on huge upswing lately. I hope that tidal wave heads their way as well.

The landing page is pretty well put together. You get a big ass banner up top that welcomes you to the site with some tranny babe getting fucked in the ass. I wish it gave me her name or the movie that the scene was from though. The design is sleek and actually does feel like a premium site, which is always a nice touch. The header below the banner is sectioned off for “Movies, Models, DEALS, Sex Games, Free Tranny Cams, Trans Dating, and TS Fetish.” As I’m sure you porn lovers out there could tell, most of those are redirects to other tranny sites, so we won’t be going too deep into most of those options for this review.

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