TGirl Japan review

TGirl Japan

TGirl Japan

The trannies at TGirlJapan, though, are beyond passable. As hot as the typical Grooby chicks with dicks are, these girls are some serious goddesses. I’m talking about little Asian cuties who look like they need to hurry up and suck your dick because they’ve got class in a few minutes, and cosplay princesses who either belong in a hentai scene or a hardcore JAV sequence.

A banner at the top calls the website The Only Uncensored Japanese TS Website. While I’m not sure that’s entirely true, fans of Japanese pornography already know how difficult it can be to find unedited movies with your preferred brand of depravity. The country is known for coming up with the most perverted new fetishes, as well as for censoring the fucking hell out of even basic-ass bald vagina.

Another box near the top of the landing page breaks down the content into hard numbers. It’s some pretty appealing shit, like shopping for your Asian shemale porn in bulk at Costco. They’ve got a couple of hundred TS AV idols in around 1400 videos and over 160,000 photos.

I’m typing this out, and I’m still transfixed by the Japanese tgirls flashing across the top of the screen. Their smiles are alternately cute, seductive, and innocent even while the babe is flashing her boner at the camera. The tits are ripe and the curves feminine, and I’m excited to see these kinky bitches in action.

I know before I even look at the sign-up page that TGirlJapan updates every couple of days with fresh, exclusive new Asian tranny content. The front page shows previews of their newest shit, upload date included. The newest one shows a trans cutie in white nylons stroking her cock, and a couple of days ago it was a little cutie with perky breasts fucking a dude up the asshole. Last week, they had a blue-haired manga princess that’s going to get you neckbeard weeaboos all hot and bothered.

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