JJGirls review



I am talking about a wonderful little site called They have been around for fucking ever. 2003. Can you believe that? They will be coming in on 20 years of producing JAV content here soon. And their numbers aren’t bad either. A nice 7.5 million views every single month. For JAV that’s pretty fucking good. And this site has a little bit of everything. It’s not really dedicated to any one thing. You’ll see what I mean. It’s got model galleries, amateur content, downloads, and so much more. Take the journey with me and I’ll show you why you might want to choose JJ Girls as the source of your next nut.

My first thought when I saw the landing page was “holy shit what the fuck is going on?” closely followed by “damn, I fucking love Asian chicks” but that first thought is more important to talk about. Seriously, I still don’t really know what’s an ad and what’s content here. Everything is centered down the page with previews for models, sites, galleries, live cams, and a bunch of other shit. At least the black design is easy on the eyes. They have a sort of header up top, but it’s just a bunch of buttons for other JAV sites like JavTube and R18. Clicking those just simply takes you to those sites, so ignore those if you want to stay on

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