CandidTeens review


CandidTeens bills itself as The Candid Teens Community, though I’m not convinced the place is actually a community of candid teens. They’re all too busy sunning themselves at the beach, wearing sexy leggings at the store, and walking around in public with exposed thong lines and tons of cleavage. This is more a community of their fans, the pervs like you and me shaking their dicks at the Internet or getting kicked out of Starbucks again. The site’s only a few months old and already carving their own sexy little hole in the candid photography niche, showcasing endless galleries of those titular candid teens.

Most of the sites I review here at ThePornDude are explicit as fuck. People are fucking jaded these days, so it’s like an arm’s race to see who can put out the most depraved, hardcore extreme pornography out there. When you’re bored of 4k airtight orgies, where else is there to go but VR anal fisting scenes and teledildonic bukkake sessions? One of the things that’s immediately striking about CandidTeens is that it’s pretty fucking soft stuff by virtually any modern measure.

Assuming you aren’t in fucking Afghanistan or a barn full of Amish folks, none of the pics on the front page would look too out of place on your average social media feed. Well, your grandma might give a side-eye to the upskirt photos mixed into the batch, but the rest are all Facebook-suitable. Hell, some of these would look great as a profile pic and would for-sure earn a ton of Likes. “Here’s me, sunning myself and looking candid and casual at the park.”

Even the layout at CandidTeens has a social media vibe, with vertical columns of photos like you’ll find on sites like Pinterest. Of course, the actual content here is more of interest to masturbators than the soccer moms and scrapbooking enthusiasts who frequent those other sites. If you want the truth, I think this site would be useful as hell to chicks looking for tips on how to look sexy enough for someone to take a creepshot.

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