Sapphic Erotica review

Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica

The island of Lesbos is actually where the word lesbian is derived from. Over time, people began conflating the island of Lesbos with a certain famous and controversial female poet from there. Her name was Sappho, and she was known for writing erotically charged verse dedicated to other women. She was an openly lesbian poet from the isle of Lesbos. Hence, the whole reason gay women are called lesbians today.

This lesbo poet, however, is also where the lesbian porn site Sapphix gets its name from. The word sapphic is an adjective used to describe something relating to lesbians or lesbianism. Consider that your word of the day. Maybe now you’ll be able to sound smart when you’re telling your friends about all the porn you watch: ‘I stroked my phallus tumescent as I gazed upon a sapphic scene.’ It helps if you say it in a British accent.

Now that you’re a little bit smarter, you’ve earned the right to fap yourself silly today. There’s nothing quite like a well-earned fap after a hard day’s work. Nothing resets the mind and gets you relaxed quite like it. I’m sure you can relate: you come home after a long, stressful day at work, and immediately grab a beer and go to your favorite porn site. Well, let’s see if Sapphix might become that default porn site you go to, to relieve your stress.

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