Haze Her review

Haze Her

Haze Her, as you may have guessed, is a sorority-themed premium porn site. The domain was registered in 2009, so a lot of these girls have graduated by now. They’ll always have cherished memories of sisterhood, education, and the time they sat on dildos with a bunch of their naked friends. The perverts who tune in to watch will also have the scenes indelibly burned into their consciousness.

I don’t usually mention the adults-only warning screen in my reviews, but they’ve got a really eye-catching one at HazeHer. It’s got the usual all-caps declarations that you are OVER 18 AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, but it’s also got some sleazy exploitation horror graphics that would look right at home on a slasher VHS cover from the 80s. The Haze Her logo bleeds red and drippy over a hot babe on her knees with her head over a toilet, Solo cups littering the floor around her.

“Sometimes Girls Will Do Anything To Get In!” reads the tagline. The pic makes it seem like these broads are just going to drink themselves under a table and then go throw up for a while, but the blurb makes it a little bit clearer. “See sorority pledges as never before as they strip, eat pussy, suck cock, and do whatever it takes to become a Sister. You have never seen anything like this before.”

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