Xpaja review


Xpaja is pretty much everything that you’d expect. It’s free, it’s got loads of porn on it, and it’s readily available for you to use. Really, with so much of the site being exactly what you’d expect, there aren’t very many defining features that it has which would differentiate it from the rest of the sites on my porn lists. That being said, let’s check out everything that has to offer to see if there’s something that you can potentially do on here that you can’t do on other porn sites.

The first and most important defining feature of would definitely have to be that it’s in Spanish. This makes it a really appealing choice for all Spanish speakers across the world. I mean just imagine how many Hispanic countries are out there just waiting for the perfect porn site to show up so that they can watch all the porn videos that they want. These are some of the hottest sites for all Hispanic people and you can bet your ass that they’re taking full advantage of every single localized site that is in their language.

I mean I would be doing that too if English porn sites were as scarce as Spanish porn sites, but they ain’t so I don’t do that. Either way, the place is exclusively in Spanish so don’t think that you’ll be any of that funny business and be able to translate it cause you won’t be able to. Heck, even Chrome doesn’t give you the option to translate the site, so the only thing you can do is copy and paste text over to the official translate page in order to know what it says. But at that point, what are you doing really? Just go and check out some of the many porn tube sites which are in English or whatever other language it is that you speak primarily.

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