Nao Conto review

Nao Conto

Nao Conto

The site itself is really simple. There isn’t a lot of flashy stuff going on here, and it’s mostly made this way so that it doesn’t distract from the content. However, I do think that could have chosen literally any other color except for white as their main color. White is just so bland to me, but hey at the end of the day that’s all personal preference, and I’m guessing that some of you really like bright and white websites. Either way, a touch of color wouldn’t hurt either.

As for everything else, I can say that they did a really good job here. I think that the buttons look nice and modern, and the entire site is nice and centered. Sure, it’s a bit narrow, but this means that you’ll have a better time using it on mobile as well. I really don’t mind this, and I think that everything else is top notch as far as how modern it looks. Usually, amateur sites aren’t the best at making their designs slick and clean, but I think that these guys at did a pretty solid job.

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