Novinhas Do Zap Zap review

Novinhas Do Zap Zap

Novinhas Do Zap Zap

On top of the site, you will have the usual menu that will be enough to navigate you through the site and to the crap you need. The homepage I already explained, but other than that they have a categories section and a section called ‘Pedophilia’ … umm, what? Well, apparently it is just about chicks who look young but are actually legal… dodged a bullet.

Though, I think that they should change the name of that tab because that just seems so fucking awkward. Also, they state that everything they upload is exclusive, and so far I have not found any videos that |I have already seen before, and keep in mind that my hobby is browsing and watching porn. It’s like the best hobby, to be honest.

I am sure you are wondering what kind of videos can you watch since that is the crap I thought about when I was browsing through this site as well. I can easily say that they do not make it clear from the start as to what the fuck they have to offer other than the chick being Latinas, which fucking pisses me off. Lucky for you, I am here to tell you how their shit works.

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