xHamster Incest review

XHamster Incest

XHamster Incest

Another thing I liked that I haven’t seen on other porn sites is a light/dark mode displayed on the front page. This is even offered on the desktop because they’re smart enough to know that you’re probably cumming buckets late at night. This means that you won’t go blind when you’re watching hot step-siblings go at it and your religious aunt won’t bitch at you and say, “See I told you that giving into the devil’s temptations would cause you to go blind!” Then you’d have to tell her, “know bitch it’s because I didn’t put it in dark mode,” that sounds like a metaphor for, ‘sin mode,’ and everyone would get confused. Dark mode allows you to avoid that conversation altogether, so good move on xHamster’s part.

But who the fuck really jacks off to porn on a desktop? Baby boomers? Yeah, I guess that’s about it. A porn site isn’t much of a porn site if the mobile side of things isn’t snappy and responsive – luckily, xHamster hits all the marks. I remember how fucking atrocious it was to navigate videos via mobile back in the day on xHamster but those days are goddamn over! I typed in, ‘hot step-siblings fucking like wildcats,’ and within 10-seconds I was deep into a video that made me nut so hard I splattered the mirrors of the gas station bathroom I was at and had to blame it on a ghost’s ectoplasm to the attendant. If I can discreetly cream a gas station bathroom’s mirror that quickly on mobile, you can bet your crust fat ass that it’s fast.

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