TabooPorns review



From the moment you arrive at the home page, the site looks pretty typical to the porn tube site model. You’ve got a black background, a list of thumbnails that you can click through page after page of, a menu bar, a search bar, and the site’s logo up top. You can choose to view what videos appear based on date, views, or likes. And there are 128 pages worth of videos to choose from, so you would be hard-pressed to ever run out of material to get your sick, twisted incest rocks off to.

The menu bar seems to be mostly devoted to a few main categories. You’ve got “Mom Son Porn,” “Dad Daughter Porn,” and “Brother Sister Porn.” If you want something more specific, like, say, “Auntie Nephew Porn,” you can feel free to use the search bar and type in whatever your heart (or dick) desires. Oh, and the menu bar also includes links to two of the best sites on the web: and! Gotta respect a website with good taste. Even though “good taste” feels a little weird to say in the context of an “incest” site … still, mad respect!

That being said, this site (like most sites) definitely has some areas for improvement. Some of their thumbnails, for example, are A.) very low-resolution, B.) sometimes take a few clicks to open, and C.) do not play clips when you hover your mouse. I am also not crazy about their media player. If I had to attach a single word to how it functions, I would have to say “sensitive.” You have to click in a very specific place on the screen in order for the video to play. The search bar often vanishes when you go to use it for seemingly no reason at all (again probably need to place your mouse in a very specific place).

Unfortunately, my issues with Tabooporns’ media player don’t stop there. Videos also seem to take way too long to load for 2018. With so many tubes sites to choose from, this seems like it should be a site’s main concern. If I have to wait around to view content … well, I won’t. I’ll just open a new tab and see if another tube loads faster.

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