PornTeenGirl review



The design of Porn Teen Girl is, to put it lightly, not that good. It’s all blocky and looks a bit like a blast from the past of the 2000s. Now, I know that a website is more than just its design, but you guys know I care about the design as well, so I have to point these things out. I mean just look at the logo, what the hell is that. A globe behind the text? That’s your idea for a logo… I swear just writing it out in Comic Sans MS would’ve been better than this crap.

So yeah, this place isn’t really all that about showing you the actual videos, and there are no actual pornos being hosted on, but instead, you can read up on some of your favorite adult actresses and check out the websites where they actually work. It’s pretty useful when you think about it since you get to see them all in one place. Usually, pornstar pages are incomplete, or they lack details, but on, you’ll get the information you need going as far into detail as telling you if a pornstar has a small sun tattooed on her left little finger. That’s an actual piece of information that I got from the site.

It’s important to note that all of these pornstars are teens, and the site regularly disables the profiles of chicks that get out of their teens in order to preserve the age restriction on the pornstars. They’re all over 18, but they’re under 20 obviously. This means that as of the writing of this review, these chicks are born around 1999 or 2000, which is crazy to think about. Some people say that it makes the rest of us feel old, but I couldn’t give less of a shit if I am completely honest with you. I just want to see some young chicks get absolutely ravaged like a bunch of sluts.

Okay okay, maybe I went a little overboard there. But really does feature some studios that go into such lengths as to just annihilate the living hell out of these girls. And it’s not that often that you see teen pornstars that are up for that kind of treatment. Honestly, I don’t understand that. Think about it, they’re getting themselves into the porn industry, so why not just go straight for the rough stuff where they’ll get paid even more? They’re already selling off all of their dignity even when they sign up for a vanilla scene so why pussyfoot around all the good stuff?

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