hxdoll review




A sex doll (love doll, real doll) is a sex toy that mimics the human body, with particular attention to the vaginal, anal and oral orifices (or the male member if the doll is “male”). The products are made in human height, the height, as a rule, starts from 140 cm, although there are models of mini sizes, the so-called mini sex dolls, the height of which is about 65 cm to 128 cm.

With the help of realistic sex dolls, you can not only have fun but also delve deeper into your feelings, understand what positions you like and what you don’t like. Sex dolls are non-standard entertainment, and can also serve as a funny gift for a friend for his birthday or New Year. Male sex dolls have a penis or strap-on that can be removed. Such products are intended for women.

The most common sex dolls are for men. Usually, these dolls have three holes – a vagina, anus, a mouth (which can be with a tongue), although there can be only a vagina. Sex dolls are usually inflatable, but there are more complex designs. Such products are usually more realistic, feel like real skin, sometimes have a “skeleton”, can change the pose or be fixed in one. The weight of such dolls is much larger than ordinary inflatable ones, but they can be more vulnerable. Such dolls are much more realistic and more expensive.

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