Adam And Eve Store review

Adam And Eve Store

Adam And Eve Store is your one-stop sex shop for everything and anything you might need. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of years, then you know about them. Their ads pop up the more adult-themed channels on TV, on all sorts of internet sites, and, hell, I even heard their ads on the radio once. This site is one of the biggest sex shops in the world with nearly 6 million visitors every single month. And their marketing boom may be new, but they have been providing quality service and products since as early as 1996. With two decades of experience, you can trust these guys to give you the good shit.

The site layout is pretty good, albeit pretty bright on the eyes. It’s mainly a white design, which makes the site feel kind of premium. It’s not dark and seedy like your average sex shop. No weird stains in the carpet or odd marks on the wall. The front page shows off some of their deals with a slideshow of previews. Things like “50 percent of candy dreams dildos, 5 best masturbation toys for women, free shipping plus 25 percent off any one item.” These deals are changing every day, but I can say for certain that they are legit. I order from here every now and again and I always get some awesome coupons, free gifts, and usually free shipping. That alone cuts the prices down to a fraction of what you would pay at a brick and mortar place.

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