Fleshlight review



The products are generally high quality, with a price point that reflects that. When you feel the toys, you’ll see that the materials are made of flesh-like synthetic material, and the experience can be pretty goddamn real. Best of all, these Fleshlights are always feeling tight. No loose lips on these suckers.

Going into the history, the legendary Fleshlight was invented by Steve Shubin in 1998, who described it as “a device for discreet sperm collection.” That’s pretty fucking funny, not to mention true, since millions of men have busted a nut into these toys since it entered the market. The company started from his garage, but now has a big ass factory pumping these toys out 24/7 for your enjoyment. is a very professional website that is similar to other major product websites where you buy the company’s products. As soon as you enter the site you’ll be greeted with a bunch of special deals, such as packages with free goodies and lots of discount offers.

Below that will be the product gallery. Goddamn, has Fleshlight grown since I last checked it out over a decade ago. There are not only a ton of new Fleshlight products, but the site also focuses a lot on combo deals that include lube, washing liquid, and more. For the molded Fleshlights, you’ll also get a picture of the porn star that the Fleshlight is molded after so you can really know the pussy (or asshole) you’re fucking.

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