TGTube review


TGTube might look like your typical free tranny tube at first glance, but it actually doesn’t host any of those 2 million tranny flicks. The site is an aggregator. That means that it is collecting links to feminization, futanari, and sissy movies from other free porn sites all across the web. Since hitting the internet in April 2019, they’ve been sending thousands of visitors per day to all kinds of freaky ladyboy movies.

The front page of TGTube is a matrix of shemale porn categories, each represented by a kinky thumbnail featuring a hot broad with a big old knob between her legs. The number of categories is fucking huge, running on and on down the page. Each thumbnail is like a brick in an endless road of tranny hardcore scenes. There’s a shemale with cum dripping out of her pretty mouth for the Amateur section, and a cutie in lingerie trying to hide her package for Teen. The big-donged slut representing the Mature area has aged like a fine wine, and their Huge Cock cover girl has one bigger than your forearm.

Beside each category is the number of flicks they’re itching to show you. Watch nearly 6 thousand Face Fuck movies or 21 thousand Shemale BBC (Big Black Cock) films. They’ve got a quarter of a million Asian tranny flicks and twice as many Blowjob scenes. Watch 10 thousand Fisting flicks, 30 thousand Futanari features, and nearly 160 thousand Anal Orgasm adventures.

Just in case you hair-splitting perverts can’t find the genre you’re looking for in the wall of thumbnails, the front page continues with an extensive list of microgenres. This shit gets pretty fucking specific, which is excellent news for fans of Ebony Squirting in tranny flicks, Police Women shemale movies, Thai Anal Sex ladyboy clips, and transvestite pornos that include scenes of Prostate Milking. The list also gets super kinky with entries like Diapers, Pregnant, Mom POV, and Whip.

The clips are categorized based on the tags they get on the source websites, so naturally, there’s a lot of crossover. Some of the scenes filed under Monster Cock, Shemale Fucks Girl, and Cum Inside are probably going to appear in the 2 million listings for Shemale. Given the dozens of sources for the shemale fuck movies listed here, you might end up seeing the same Gang Bang, Self Facial, or 10+ Inch Cock movie on multiple sites. Still, overlap or not, you’re going to have millions of different shemale movies to enjoy during your fap sessions.

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