Reddit GoneWild Stories review

Reddit GoneWild Stories

Reddit GoneWild Stories

This site has plenty of stories involving adultery of all kinds. You can’t scroll a few posts down without running into some story that involves some girl “falling, tripping over and landing on somebody’s dick, pussy-first.” A lot of cheating happens in the world folks - your partner could be playing you right now, and you wouldn’t have a clue. They might even be posting about it on /r/GoneWildStories and going into detail about how their fling was much better and a hell of a lot more satisfying than you’ve ever been.

But even if they are, don’t get too mad cause some people just cheat to feel better about themselves so they can be a better partner to you. So be the bigger person and don’t go down that route - just masturbate to some stories of cheating instead of actually doing it. You’re guaranteed to get the same authentic kind of sexual tension that comes out of it from these stories anyway because they’re all as real as can be. Or, if you don’t like this kind of stuff, you’re more than welcome to check out my XXX site listings.

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