Lush Stories review

Lush Stories

Lush Stories

Lush Stories actually gives you some hard numbers, though.

The very top of the screen says the site has nearly 400k members. Almost 4k of them are online now, and 84 of them are currently in chat rooms. That indicates a very active community of perverts. An active community means there’s always a conversation, and more than 3 million forum posts back that up. The active community also suggests a lot of filthy content.

That suggestion is proven with more numbers. They’ve published more than 50k stories, nearly 400k images, and more than 200k blog posts. The front page shows just the tip of that collection.

I can’t help noticing the Login box. Above the username and password fields is a button that says Join Lush. It makes me think of bath bombs, and a donation-supported smut site being completely crushed by a big cosmetic company if anybody notices the shared name. WTF do I know about copyright law?

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