MCStories review


MCStories isn’t just a website with a large database of generalized erotic stories – all of its content is made up of stories based on some form of mind-control aka erotic hypnosis stories. The point of the XXX literature on this site (which is written mostly by amateurs) is to build up a world made up of everyday people in regular, relatable situations, with some mind-control sex included. For example, imagine a young secretary getting sprayed by a mind-control perfume made by her boss, resulting in her wanting his sperm inside her pussy and mouth which leads to some very graphically-written sex.

And of course, there are the more taboo stories, which include some pretty fucked up scenarios that aren’t always realistic. For example, imagine a horny creepy uncle putting a mind-control poison in his niece’s food only to have his way with her soon afterward. It’s safe to say that all the stuff on here is ’dominant’, because the characters who get fucked in the stories usually end up in that situation by being the subject of some form of mind-control, and that’s just the kind of kick that most of the horny cunts who read this stuff need in order to get properly aroused.

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