PornHub Anal review

PornHub Anal

PornHub Anal

Anal is man’s way of saying fuck you to nature and doing things ‘back to front’ in reverse. Millions of couples around the world get anxious and/or excited at the mere thought of anal, and it’s safe to say that it’s not for the faint of heart, but as many risks as there are to it, it certainly comes with its own rewards. But, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of preparing for and actually try out anal with a partner, you can always jack off to a video online that features this kind of ‘backdoor sex’. There are millions of them out there on thousands of different websites, but I think we can all agree that PornHub has the best anal videos out of all porn tubes, simply because it’s the most quality XXX website in existence.

First things first – before I get into any content specifics, I’d like to compliment PornHub’s overall design and user experience. This website has always had a dark background theme with orange highlights that beautifully pop out of the background. I think that its design has played a major part in its success, but its user experience is also something that other websites should take notes about, because PornHub is definitely one of the best XXX websites when it comes to navigation and ease of use.

The theme is dark, the utilities and functionalities are highlighted in orange, the content is front and center, the content filtering suggestions are neatly laid out on the left side, the site’s category mix-n-match suggestions are right above the thumbnails and below the filtering options, and everything seems to align perfectly. There’s no poorly-designed utility options, no overly-stimulating presentations, the content and option choice doesn’t overwhelm you – everything is right where it needs to be and responds perfectly to your clicks.

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