DaftSex Anal review

DaftSex Anal

DaftSex Anal

There are other banner ads and popups that are pretty fucking misleading. I had multiple pop-ups saying I could “stream all the videos in 1080p if I installed a chrome plugin.” Yeah, right, don’t fall for that bullshit. So, be careful with the ads. A lot of the sites I got redirected to seemed pretty shady as well. But wait there’s more. The site will try, repeatedly, to push notifications on you. It’s super annoying. There are even little “1080p” tags on the videos themselves that just link you to a site that makes you allow notifications and then has some place to enter credit info. Fuck that. I guarantee you it’s a scam.

But let’s move on and talk about the awesome anal content. There’s a lot of it. You can keep pressing “show more” and it seems to go on forever. Though it’s a little difficult to find specific models and shit since so many of these titles are in Cyrillic. And it’s not even like much of their traffic comes from Russia, so I don’t know what the fuck is up with that, but it makes navigation almost, almost as annoying as the ad experience. And the titles that are in English are often just things like “Nice porn, sex, big, new, brazzers,” with no context.

To filter the content, you can do the standard stuff and narrow it down to video length, relevance, view count, rating, etc. But the best button to use is the one that filters out everything that’s not in HD. And, man, there was a lot of it. Before I clicked on that button most of the videos, I saw were locked in at 420p or lower. I could see the pixels. Gross. But at least HD takes you up to 720p. You won’t really find any 1080p videos on here, at least not unless you want to go ahead and click one of the shady links and put in your credit card information, but I wouldn’t recommend that.

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