ImageFap Gifs review

ImageFap Gifs

ImageFap Gifs

My beef with Image Fap probably stems, in part, from my strong preference for porn videos. But that can’t be it entirely … I can appreciate a well-done erotic photograph. Or a pic of a particularly sexy amateur that might not be so easy to find. And ImageFap is surely great for that. No, I think the majority of what I dislike about this site is how sloppily it’s designed and how ad-happy it is.

But Image Fap is not without its merits. They provide a really cool platform for user-uploaded porn and a really great sense of community as well, which I love. With plenty of ways to communicate with fellow users and a forum on which to discuss fantasies, kinks, favorite porn stars, etc., I am willing to give Image Fap the benefit of the doubt and take another look at the site … this time solely at its gifs section.

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