GifSauce review



You should be endurance training, not giving into and catering to your pathetic inability to last. Even if you sorry virginal basement dwellers ever do get laid, I’ll feel so bad for the girl who lets you hit. You’ll bust the moment your dick even grazes a pussy lip. And what a waste that will be. Well, at least you won’t be wasting too much of her time, I guess.

But, regardless of whether or not I personally enjoy gif porn (frankly it doesn’t matter), it has quickly become one of the more popular types of porn on the web. Almost immediately after the invention of the gif, people were making gifs of their favorite moments in porn. Today, there are tons of sites dedicated solely to the medium. is just one of those sites.

Well, let me rephrase that a little bit. To say Gif Sauce is “just one of those sites” is to imply that it is an average, run of the mill gif porn site with nothing going for it but an extreme sense of mediocrity. That is definitely not the case. Believe you me, there are some unthinkably shitty gif porn sites out there. And Gif Sauce is not one of them. In fact, Gif Sauce is one of the better porn sites I’ve seen in general in terms of site design, ease of use, features, interface, etc.

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